Property Tax

The assessed value is the taxable amount of numerous taxes, including property tax, which is a high tax burden on businesses. There are numerous errors in its calculation, and the possibility of making correction and saving, so the importance of proper assessed valuation.

The Property Tax (IBI) is a tax framed in the local tax system in Spain, compulsory levy by municipalities, which taxes the value of real property located in the municipality that collects the tax. Its management is shared between the national Government and the municipalities. This is a tax that most companies pay without questioning if the amount is correct or not, and to be evaluated by an expert on cadastral valuations.

The IBI tax base, as well as other local taxes, is the assessed value is calculated based on a number of parameters or characteristics of the property: surface, use or purpose, type of construction, etc.., Very specific aspects whose evaluation is necessary to know the rules from the technical standpoint and tax.

As experts in assessed valuation, we will correct analysis and valuation of their properties, offering different possibilities of representation and management.